» What's New About the National FLES* Institute?

1. New NECTFL Award for Gladys C. Lipton: The Northeast Conference of the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL) created a special award for Gladys C. Lipton on the occasion of her 70th wedding anniversary. She was designated officially as a "Regional World Language Trasure...in recognition of priceless and unique contributions to World language education and educators," on September 1, 2013, in Bethesda, MD.

The plaque, shown below, was signed by Rebecca Kline, Executive Director (NECTFL) and Arlene White (Past Conference Chair).

2. The National FLES* Institute is now the sole distributor for Dr. Gladys Lipton's book: Practical Handbook to FLES* Programs 5th ed.

3. Dr. Gladys Lipton now answers questions about all types of FLES* programs for interested parties, such as teachers, principals, superintendents, curriculum directors, parents, counselors, and even realtors in her feature "Ask Gladys" on www.gladys-c-lipton.org.

4. Barron's has recently (2009) published Dr. Lipton's 4th edition of French Bilingual Dictionary and 4th edition of Spanish Bilingual Dictionary. They can be ordered at www.barronseduc.com.

5. New Supplement/Updates for the book Practical Handbook to FLES* Programs can be found on the website www.gladys-c-lipton.org.

6. The AATF has published online an article by Dr. Gladys Lipton (2009) in French Advocacy Kit titled "FLES* Advocacy and Promotion." Be sure to read the latest information about All types of FLES* programs and a new definition of FLES* fluency. See it on www.frenchteachers.org.

7. Dr. Gladys Lipton was promoted to the rank of Commandeur dans L'Ordre des Palmes Académiques.