A highly successful FL teacher, scholar, researcher and supervisor, Dr. Lipton has taught foreign languages on K-12 and university levels in New York, Maryland, Illinois and Texas, and has presented over 100 workshops for teachers and administrators nationally and internationally. Her experience in teaching FLES* (pronounced "flestar") both as a classroom teacher and as an itinerant specialist and as a FLES* supervisor gives her a broad perspective on the techniques and activities which work well in all models of FLES* programs. She is frequently in demand to give all kinds of K-12 workshops, seminars, and keynote addresses.

Selected Publications:
  • Practical Handbook to Elementary Foreign Language Programs. 2010: 5th edition.
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  • Lipton, G. 2009 "FLES* Advocacy and Promotion" in AATF Online Advocacy Kit (Go to 03 Section Cultivating Allies, click on "For the French Teacher" and click on 1st Article by Lipton).
  • Spanish Bilingual Dictionary. 2009: New York: Barron's Publishing Co. (also in French)
  • Lipton, G. 2012 "Is Elementary School Too Early to Teach FLs?" in Erickson, E.M. and B. Hilton, eds. The 5-Minute Linguist. Equinox, CT or ACTFL pp. 157-161.
  • "Foreign Language Instruction: What Principals Should Know." Principal magazine. Jan/Feb. 2003, 41-42
  • (Ed.) A Celebration of FLES*. 1998: SRA/McGraw-Hill.
  • German Bilingual Dictionary. 1998: New York: Barron's Publishing Co. (also in Italian)
  • An Administrator's Guide to FLES* Programs. 2001. MD: National FLES* Institute, P.O. Box 2632, Kensington, MD 20891.
  • (1996) "The Many Benefits of All Types of FLES* Programs." Carlisle, PA: The Northeast Conference Newsletter.
  • (1998) "A Retrospective on FLES* Programs": 1898-1998. Hispania (Mar.): 75-87.
  • (2000) "Letter to the Editor." Education Week 3/01/00, p.49
  • (2001) "The FLES* advantage: FLES* Programs in the Third Millennium." French Review Feb. 2001.
  • Over 150 articles in professional publications, national and international
Professional Highlights:
  • Awarded top rank of Commandeur dans L'Ordre des Palmes Académiques (2009)
  • President, National AATF (1998-2000)
  • Awarded NNELL's Special Recognition Award (2005)
  • Director, National FLES* Institute (2002-Present)
  • Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) Coordinator of FL Outreach (1985-2002), Director of K-12 teaching development Institutes (1986-2002)
  • Past Associate Editor of the FLES* section of Hispania
  • Former founder and Chair of the National FLES* Committee (AATSP)
  • Served as Editor of the Northeast Conference Newsletter
  • Chair, AATF FLES* Commission (1985-2005)
  • Awarded Actfl's Steiner Award for Outstanding FL National Leadership
  • Member of the Review Board of the National FL Standards Project
  • Directed K-12 FL programs in New York City schools and the Anne Arundel Public Schools, Maryland
  • Served as a consultant in more than 200 schools, school districts, private schools, foreign language and non F/L organizations (1985-Present)

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