Criteria for Outstanding FLES* Programs

  • Goals
  • Written Curriculum (Interdisciplinary where appropriate, includes N.L.K.T., and local community events)
  • Total # E.S. students
  • Percent E.S. students offered FL's (100%)
  • Languages offered in H.S.
  • Languages offered in E.S.'s (should offer more than one language to reflect those offered in the high school).
  • Assessment/Evaluation design
  • Articulation design
  • Qualified, trained, competent FLES* teachers, who have opportunities for professional growth, and membership in language-specific professional associations
  • If distance learning, in conjunction with qualified FLES* teacher(s)
  • Coordination/supervision of the program
  • Involvement and support of the school, administrators, counselors, parents, business and higher education communities
  • Opportunities for teacher and student reflections on progress and growth
  • Program has unique "local" features

FLES* includes: Sequential FLES, Sequential FLEX, Exploratory (several languages) and Immersion

2012, Dr. Gladys Lipton