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Dr. Lipton is a successful teacher and researcher that taught in the states of Florida, New York, Maryland, Illinois, Texas, and more. She has extensive experience in public speaking, having presented on a wide range of topics related to foreign language programs and their inclusion in various school curricula. Dr. Lipton's primary topic of interest is "Foreign Language in Elementary School", which she has spoken about as early as 1990.  She has served as a consultant at more than 100 schools, both private and public. She directed Kindergarten through 12th grade in both New York City and Maryland. She's a member of the National Florida Standards Project review board. She has also been given numerous awards during her career for excellence in leadership.

As a published author and a person whose had their work shared internationally by radio and various books, this highly successful scholar is one to listen to. View the National foreign language enrollment study here.  You may also contact us.